Enjoy a Smoothly-Run Simcha

By Rabbi Tully Bryks

There are many factors that help determine the success of an event. But perhaps the most critical decision, and one that can affect all the other factors, is whether to use an event planner. It’s important to acknowledge why some ba’alei simcha choose not to. For one thing, there’s a real need to keep costs down. Unfortunately, the joy and nachas of having reached a new milestone often involves heartache when costs become prohibitive, which can be exacerbated further by unexpected cost overruns. In addition, there’s the question of control. Everyone has their own unique vision as to how they would like their simcha to be. Involving an event planner would seem to be a way to risk an event that does not match the quality that the ba’al simcha was hoping for. Finally, there is the concern of having to micromanage the event planner and not be able to really enjoy the simcha. Ironically, it is precisely due to these very concerns that an event planner could be the perfect choice for most occasions!

Let’s first examine the questions of cost and time-effectiveness. Depending on the nature of the event, you may need to contact many different types of services and vendors. And for each type of vendor, you want to find the right quality, which often involves lots of research. Then you need to get price quotes from at least three different comparable vendors to try to get the best price. The problem with this process is that, aside from being quite time consuming, you may end up paying more than you need to and the quality of service may be lacking. And can you ever really be certain that you’re not being cheated? When you use experienced event planners, they know the industry inside and out. So they can quickly identify the best quality vendors within your price range. And, since an experienced event planner already has a relationship with many vendors, the vendors will often give them better pricing. In addition, the vendor knows that if something goes wrong at an affair with an event planner, they can lose many future clients. Therefore, they will often go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that they meet or beat your expectations. In fact, the costs saved when using an event planner can often outweigh the actual cost of the planner. Amazingly, many people end up paying less overall for a higher quality event!

Now what about ensuring that your vision and goals for the quality of the event are manifested in the finished product? In reality, a good event planner does exactly that. While the event planner is keeping an eye on all of the vendors and ensuring that everyone is doing their job in a timely and professional fashion, the ba’al simcha actually gets to spend more time hosting the guests and less time worrying! In addition, events are often complicated, and there can be unnecessary delays if not managed properly. These delays can lead to hefty overtime fees. Event planners help ensure that everything runs smoothly. They arrive at the hall well in advance of the event and check that the floor plan is properly adhered to, the band is in the best place acoustically, the food portions are of the right quality and quantity, the photographer is there and properly positioned and much more. And their job continues throughout the event, making sure everything runs smoothly.

Veteran event planning company, Simcha Success, has many amazing stories of how they managed to help their clients deal with unexpected challenges. For example, when the kallah’s shoe suddenly fell apart or the chosson’s kittel was forgotten, last-minute replacements were found. At the outset of a wedding in the heat of the summer, the power suddenly went out. So while the hosts where busy welcoming guests, the dedicated staff at Simcha Success were on the phone to the electric company and the municipality. They also arranged for an outside company to bring in portable air conditioners with generators. And, incredibly, in the midst of juggling all of these issues, they also managed to adjust the timetable of the wedding schedule so that by the time the outdoor Chuppah had ended, the facilities were comfortable and properly lit.

When is the optimal time to first contact an event planner? Experts recommend that the ideal time is prior to booking any vendors, as this would yield maximum cost savings through vendor discounts and connections, and minimize hassle for the ba’al simcha. However, for those who prefer to make their own arrangements in advance, you can still hire the event planner to simply oversee the event itself, so you can focus solely on enjoying your simcha!

Simcha Success caters to virtually every type of event, from elaborate to budget conscious, and from weddings and bar mitzvahs to corporate events. To contact Simcha Success and learn how to turn your simcha into a lower-cost, hassle-free dream event, visit www.simchasuccess.com.

They can also be contacted at [email protected] or 052-713-3564. When it comes to event planning, this may be the most important call you ever make.